About Me

Hi, I'm Lucy! Welcome to Life inside the Locket :-)

At 27 years of age, I am a qualified social worker of 2 years, with the future completely wide open!! Be sure to find me discussing my loves: life, friendships, family and many more anecdotes.. With a hectic lifestyle, interesting background and adaptable personality, I wished for an outlet to showcase my entire persona. As it stands, I do not wish to pinpoint what genre cements the blog, as why not incorporate my whole life?!

So, what's behind the blog name? It's very simple. My mother nicknamed me "Lucy Locket" as a youngster. Since she is a huge part of my life, it lives up to a title!

This is my little blog in the larger cyber world.

Thanks for popping by and do follow my journey

** A work in progress, keep an eye!


  1. Good to meet you Lucy! Good job on finish up your degree in Social Work!

  2. Very nice, enjoyed visiting, stay positive and happy!