Tuesday 16 January 2024

Some Big News!

I know...no posts again. I feel like a broken record that's for sure, but I have an announcement that's overdue on here. Despite any thoughts on readers or views, I've never minded if my writing only reaches one person; that's all it takes for wellbeing change, but I'm so happy to share some news. Life-changing, news. My partner and I are expecting our first child together :-D  ahhhh.

I'm actually 30 weeks pregnant. It zoomed by!! Looking back at my last post, Spring was in the air and now we're looking at having a Spring baby. At our 20 week scan, we were told that we're having a little girl. The sonographer was quite vague so we sort've remain unsure, but trusting the experience! At the scan, we didn't mind really, we were focussed on them just being a healthy baby; which they are. Our petite baby- for now anyway, haha. 

This next chapter will be a massive rollercoaster, one I'm feeling every emotion. One day, it's been excitement, to apprehension, overwhelm, anxiety, joy & happiness. Especially as we're both first time parents. It's easy to go into panic mode! 
      It's madness what a woman's body can do. Surreal, but lovely. 

In my prior post, I'd said about an emotional, personal journey. That was about fertility. I do feel this is something that could be shared more. I’m very aware of people's fertility journeys and loss. When Nick and I met, I was aware of my age and that I wanted children. Thankfully, he was on the same wavelength. I feel grateful we were successful naturally but we also had months of disappointment, and some tears shed by me. When we hit the 6 month mark, we discussed talking to the doctor. Which we did, so initially we were beginning that process. By early July 2023, we awaited Nick's apt and we'd been away in Norfolk for a getaway. I'd been following tips as usual and by the end of July, I got the positive we were waiting for. Let me tell you, seeing that second faint line, my heart has never raced so fast! I'd got used to negatives at this point so it was a shock. All in all, it took nine months. I tend to think a baby chooses their mama and dada so I just had to be patient to wait for them. {Mmm I say patient, loosely. I'm sure my partner would laugh at my version of patience..}

I know this experience is probably very normal. We're both mid 30's and it's expected but I still think it's important to highlight the difficulties you can go through. Not everyone can click their fingers and make a child. I know many people have it much harder or easier, but this was just what we went through. Up to a year of ttc is normal but age has its factors so that worried me. For those that really struggle, I'm so sorry.

Whether it helps anyone at all (and this may be too intimate for some) but here a few things to think of: 
- If you are a woman & using contraception/pill, it can take up to 3 months for hormones to stabilise. This could include 'normal' menstruation returning. 
- Illness can throw periods off so cycles can end up going a bit haywire- this happened to me and yep, it upset me as my cycle got longer, shorter, never came. Eurgh!
- Intermittent bleeding is normal and down to stress/ illness, but check with the GP.
- Do eat a healthy, balanced diet and take supplements. I took ttc (trying to conceive) tablets straight away then supplements until I was roughly 20 weeks- You could probably stop after 12 weeks as you only need folic acid upto then. (Note, tablets aren't for everyone)
- Cut down/ or out, alcohol. I'm not a huge drinker but I stopped drinking anything in June.
- Keep yourself fit; you want baby to have a healthy home for 9 months. 
- Try not to symptom spot; I fell victim to this a lot until I finally accepted going with the flow. Anything becomes a symptom when you want something so much!
- Do use ovulation strips and follow them. I only got cheap ones but started using them in June properly. I still think they helped us succeed. Apps can help to track dates/cycles too.
- Men need time to..ahem, replenish, if you catch my drift. Bear in mind, my GP said to cut down to 2-3 a week. Personally, every other day is probs okay...

In my last post, I'd said that Nick had surprised me with a Disneyland Paris trip. I ended up being 5 months preggers. Oh man, I loved it there. Best time!!
      I plan on writing a Disney review as soon as I can so I can give an honest summary of what it was like whilst being at the parks pregnant. Perhaps something to add to my maternity to-do list.
As always, any thoughts- let me know...
From a mama-to-be and bump x

Tuesday 9 May 2023

A Springtime update

Hey All- It appears that I've neglected my little space in the blogosphere, yet again :( That's on me. Life has been very busy and I've been meaning to reconnect but it's finding time and momentum. Within the chaos, there's likely been some writer's block.

28/04: I began writing this on a day where I'd banked overtime hours at work and taking the day off.. Finally! I could discuss every event of the past eight months, but I can shelve that for now. I'm going to keep this post short and sweet; she says. I want it to give me some impetuous to get writing some more beefy contents (again, she says..Life forever gets in my way!) I need to remedy the writers block by writing a little journal update for now :-)

I attended a wedding during the Easter weekend; my partner's sister. The weather was brilliant, the sun was shining (which made a change from the wind & rain we'd had) The day went really well. Nick (boyf) and I had a week off work last week and sadly, the sun shone twice. Wonderful. Those signs of spring really do make me feel so happy. The older I've gotten, I do feel like I suffer from S.A.D.. Anyone else? Everything improves for me when sunshine is around; my health certainly improves; Vit D helps my skin, my mental health, energy levels, optimism, lowers irritability. The UK doesn't see enough sunshine in my opinion (I'm sure some would disagree..) Beltane and May Day is approaching and going by past posts, it's a time of year I love Retrograde release & Spring is springing! May is on its way and the Taurus energy always brings good things I feel, weather warms up, flowers bloom, the desire to connect with nature beckons! 
      With the year just flying by, the beginning of spring is a nice way to wind down & think about what's important to you and what matters. Of course, going to a wedding is a nice event but it can make you consider your own internal goal posts. I'm 35. We all have hopes & dreams through life. That said, things change. Over the last few years, I've done lots of soul searching and opened my eyes to lots of things. Marriage is a lovely thing sure, but now I'm older, it doesn't take away from a partnership and love, without the ring and paper. 09/05: We bumped into some folks that Nick knew at the weekend who asked if we were engaged (HAHA! Boyf must've panicked) Why do people feel they should ask that? I don't mind though, people are curious beings. Of course it's been spoken of. But it's not high on the agenda. Other things are. Things that are just as stressful & emotionally/ mentally draining- I hope to discuss this one day in much more depth, but for now, it's a personal experience.

Luckily, I have a partner that is on the same page as me (He says so anyhow...!) We have some more renovation work in the home; We sorted a new driveway out in February- Can't believe it was that long ago. There's lots more we need to work on, but it's expense and time. We'll get there I'm sure, if we stay focused.

I had a nightmare few months with my car, since December of last year. At the fault of others obviously. It was absolute chaos and made Christmas a difficult time for me, emotionally to be honest. Not to mention, financially. Nick surprised me with a trip to Disneyland Paris for November- I'm so thankful for that. That'll be our holiday I think. A few days away. I'm very excited. I feel it's really important to have things to look forward to in life, no matter how small. Look up happiful.com for interesting tips and articles for a happy life.

09/05: It is now post-Coronation too. Less I say about that the better. I cannot believe people would cheer such grotesque wealth when we have the cost of living crisis. It honestly baffles me. I may likely discuss this in more detail due to the social injustice and inequality of it all. 
      On that note, I'll say adieu but if there's any topics you'd like me to talk about, by all means, get in touch with me :-)

Tuesday 16 August 2022

Life thus far: An Overview

I HAVE SLACKED!.. on my blog. Sincere apologies. I did not realise how long it has been since my last post; that is really bad. What I find astonishing is that I remember writing the last post quite vividly, so time really is somewhat of an illusion. I know we universally say, time has flown this year, but this one certain is!! As midsummer was a couple of months ago, Autumn is not far away- We've had some heatwaves in the UK & it's quite the stir across Britain (of course) The humidity is something else though for sure. Still, it’ll be nice to have some more light evenings until the Autumn equinox comes soon. 
       I'll explain the reasons for my lack time which led to lack of writing: -

Main positive; A new relationship :-) I have been happily carving a loving partnership since January of this year. After the weirdest 2.5 years, actually coming across someone who I can see in my long-term future is a bit of a weight off my shoulders if I’m perfectly honest. I've tried to live very much in the moment with him, we went away at Easter in April. I think I had more or less given up on finding the right guy for me, but maybe there is such a thing as divine timing/ fate. I don't know. But he ticks the boxes- and there's a few to tick! My younger brother had said he thought I have high expectations, I don't feel I do. I've just gone through enough rubbish with men that I know what, who I'm looking for & what I want from life. I don't want to discuss lots of details about the b/f but for all the reasons above, it was a slow burn for me (and I already expressed this to him, too brutally honest yep) and that is not to sound horrible, I think I just had to be sure. It took a min or two for me to figure him out I think but my feelings came through pretty fast once I gave the prospect, faith LOL. In fact, I had got him wrong from the 1st date in reality. He was respectful, kind & attentive and I probably was just used to it. Ladies, think Aidan from Sex and the City, the episode where they're dating and she's upset because he wouldn't spend the night; he explains he wants to romance her. I mean, I still wonder why we never went for an evening meal in the beginning but that's a drawback I can live with, if the man I am with reminds me of Aidan! Warm, masculine, funny, won't lie or hide emotions and openly wants to settle down and start a family <3 


Another positive to note would be my successful promotion at work & the end of my study work. That said, it has only meant I have my main work to contend with, leaving me with a fair bit of catch-up! :/ Plus, my manager would like me to do further study for the next Level, not to mention my CPD for my Social Work registration... Did I just manage to turn a positive into a negative? Haha. Ok, well, my dad had his belated 70th birthday gift on Sunday, a flying lesson- So fun, and I'm off to Greece in September.  

Main negative; The world's narrative! Honestly, I would love to be optimistic with how life goes on around us, but I can only be realistic and things just seem worse than 2020 when we had covid kicking off (by the way, is that still a thing, I saw something about vaccines again?) The divide of society still feels too big. We are post-Covid era and society is nowhere near perfect. War, increase of cost of living (or "imposed poverty" for many as should be the correct termfood shortages, taxes, fuel, bill prices, strikes. Our broken economy of those years has obvs had massive repercussions & it has a ripple effect. It’s pretty tough for us all right now. Mass hysteria seems to lurk around the corner too. 
       The big one seems to be gender ideology. We seem to be over sexualising and informing opinions on assigning gender onto our children. It's pretty bad in the US with drag queens entering the curriculum, and 3 year olds being asked by a doctor (as their first question may I add) "Are you identifying as a boy or girl." The fear is it seeping into the UK & I'm not sure if it's my maternal instinct that kicks in or that I have twin nephews but I would be displeased if my 4 year old child was taught at school "how to be sexual, safely." I've no issue with people being conflicted by their gender and making informed actions to challenge roles but young children, I think the topic is complex so parents/ teachers should not push their thoughts on a child. If it becomes something the child talks about often, that's different & requires conversation & listening. If a boy plays with a doll for a week it doesn't necessarily mean he wants to be a girl. Gender can also be fluid & be expressed differently. Please can we let kids be kids. 
       I sort've feel like we have to accommodate every person's whim, or change even factual, historical information to suit a person's needs or identity. Also, why do we still promote things that are unhealthy or false, eager to please much. Am I just being close-minded ?!

Another negative might be that (this isn't really a negative at all, you'll see) I had saved up £ to purchase a house of my own, thinking I was going to be a single, independent woman for longer than I now am. Thinking that maybe I'd have to have and raise a child on my own some how. However, b/f has his own house and in the town I wished to find a home. Me being me though, I saw an issue. Buying my own house suddenly felt obsolete. I'd hoped that once I met someone, I'd have my own mortgage. The upside is I can invest and help him or put some of my £ into another place I can rent out. See, positive really! 
       Valid negative, I've trapped my finger and thumb in a car door this year, separate occasions. Bloody ouch and sad! I have natural, long nails so they're a bugger to not let the original nail fall off whilst the new one grows- Be less Lucy ha. 

Let me know how your year has been so far, good, bad or in-between!

Wednesday 8 September 2021

Laying one's cards on the table.

Well, hey. What a crazy a few months huh! (and by that, I'm talking about current society quite frankly.) Anyone else feeling that way ?? Bar the millions that protest around the globe but lets pretend we don't see that shall we.. 

So, I like to speak honestly on this outlet but I need to get more honest because my thoughts are screaming to get out. If you check out my Insta, there's a few snippets but yeah, I am so sick of this smear campaign against people who go against the narrative of everyone around us. 

I find it fascinating that people wish to become an increasingly non-binary world but opinions, ooh no there’s either correct or incorrect, as if opinions are an indication to what tribe you belong to. Opinions like these make others uneasy, like having an alternative point of view is an assault on someone else’s moral character. Can we not extend the courtesy of tolerance to listening to those with whom we disagree rather than shutting them down? The hot topic has, indeed, been Covid. Here goes nothing:

I have been missing my friend Fénian so very much and have conversations with him in my head as to how he'd feel about society right now. He was a libertarian. Much much more politically minded than me but he was all for freedom of choice, justice, fairness, integrity. I feel like he'd wish to stand up for individual rights. It pains me that he is not here to share opinions... 
Personally, if I didn't listen to all perspectives of a person's views and take them on board, I'd be a lousy Social Worker. I may not agree but a carefully considered and researched opinion is valid nonetheless.  
       I have faith in informed consent & decisions. For example, if a person understands/is aware of all risks and benefits yet they still make what you think is an unwise decision, that person owns that decision; whatever may happen after, is on them. If said person has the capacity to do that, so be it. 

I'm seeing division created, discrimination, hatred, coercion. It's terrible. Anti-vaxx versus. vaxxed. I'm sorry, since when does saying 'no or undecided' to a C vaccination mean you're against vaccinations? Pigeonholing people, calling them unhygienic or selfish for not taking it up or ditching friendships- What world is this. Residents in care homes are still being denied visitors causing immeasurable damage to their wellbeing. Breaching Human Rights, no?

I'm sympathetic to those who've lost their life or dealing with side effects from the illness (I know a couple of people who've suffered & I empathise) but I also worry for those who've experienced an adverse reaction to this vaccine. I dislike that they get zero news coverage. Do their voices or needs not matter then?
The vaccine rollout has been very successful. Those who are vulnerable, work in the caring roles or those with co-morbidities/respiratory issues were in greater need of it. We know full well that transmission is still likely, albeit symptoms are reduced (not 98% effective then..) There is public health & protection of others yes but we all have personal responsibility to look after our bodies too. The finer details are complex IMO and people need to be having educated discussions, not berating others & I mean on any side here
       Goal posts have been moved time and time again. In July, restrictions were largely removed for England- Should have been 21st June. Covid's ruined enough lives; lets not ruin life more with vaccine passports & continued pcr testingAgain, am I isolated in these thoughts?

I just wish people would stop being angry or offended about the opinions of others. It should be ok to have a different opinion and make our own choices regarding our bodies and minds.
You don't agree with me? Well cool, why don't we have an intellectual conversation about it to understand each other's opinions then! I mean, christ, when did this go out of fashion.

Don't get me wrong, on a positive note, it's been bloody great to go out & about as "normal" and socialise, go to attractions, events. I do respect that there are still people who are tentative due to their own personal reasons/medical history, those who have every right to be cautious if they're immunocompromised (pre-Covid,) but my intuition tells me that normal may be something of the past- I hope I'm wrong and we fully go back to circa 2019, but yeah I don't know. Rant over! Have a great month!

Edit: I wrote this towards the end of August but was unsure whether to post or not, but I since went away for a week to Yorkshire (beautiful Dales I'll add) and lets just say, I felt like I'd gone back a year. 
     I have also been demanded to get a C vaccination. If I don't comply, I lose my job. Ick. Making the vacs mandatory is a choice that doesn't sit well with me; it feels odd that in a job that encourages choice & independence, I'm being forced even though I follow PPE guidelines at work. 

So yeah, I'm posting. At work, I keep quiet, I don't share my thoughts on this but then a colleague bravely shared their thoughts in a Teams meeting so I guess I felt encouraged to share this. 

Monday 10 May 2021

Life thus far: An overview

Soo I kind've feel like this will be a bit of a rant, so I figured I haven't got a theme, hence my LTS! I woke up Sunday with a low energy vibration to be honest which has continued, then I realised it's a new moon in taurus on the 11th. My little spiritual heart felt slightly more settled I guess! Taurus is about healing through a grounding process, so we're thinking earthy nature ofc. It allows us to re-fuel & fill your cup with self love. Definitely not a time to beat yourself up that’s for sure! I need to take heed of that fixed Earth, grounded energy to steer me in a good direction; especially during this Mental Health Week
      My younger brother turned 30 on Saturday; he's a Taurus. He's more pragmatic than me certainly and I can learn a lot from that nature. We had a little family get-together at his house which was needed. I baked Nutella cupcakes which I'll deffo be making again. My brother likes his board games and trivia, but Cards Against Humanity, I'm all for that one. These simple pleasures of normality shouldn't be taken for granted!

My weeks have been so busy at work and even though it's still working from home, I've had the odd visit and meeting in direct contact. That's felt normal-ish...I feel overwhelmed though. Work + academic work + a never empty house + an ailing grandmother- Makes me feel like I have limited time. I need to manage time better currently & curb that imposter feeling :/ 

I've spoken about karma before on here and even though I know that nothing is black and white, nor easy, I still wonder how those that really do seek true happiness, are not given it quickly or simply. Life doesn't reward goodness but honestly, I try, my family try, so hard but something always crops up to steer us off track! Are things sent to test us, if so, why continuously ha. I have fought a lot in my life, jumped through hoops and obstacles & although I'm young (33) I feel tired, tired of doing all the right things but not having what I truly want. I've settled for less recently- I don't want to do that anymore. I know deep down that I am worthy of what I wish to manifest, so why settle, 
I know that I do need to use the taurean energy to let go and let God. We can’t control everything can we…Have faith, keep going and let the chips fall where they may..

I'm sure many people look at life (now that we have some freedoms back) and feel that life is hunky dory, no issues. But there's an underbelly. When you go down that rabbit hole, I'm telling you, if you already feel a niggle, you'll get it trust me! (Not that I believe every theory) When the country makes out it is so progressive & liberal, that is when I want to scream. We’re not. It’s going backwards in my opinion and people are blinkered to see it. Can you honestly say that you feel you are empowered to have a different point of view to someone else; whether a person is right or wrong need not matter, we are supposed to live in a society where different perspectives are encouraged, are we not? 
It's even ridiculous things like, an ex once suggested I was 'the sensible one; straightlaced...' Considering he knew full well what my temperament is, it angered me so much. Still does. Cause when you know something is unjust, you want to set records straight. I'm realistic, logical, reasonable. 
Sensible and straightlaced? Sure, I don't act like a ten year old the majority of the time- I guess I need to let some things lie eh!! 
I guess it's those realisations that make me think, wow that person couldn't be arsed to really get to know me at all! I like social justice, liberty and the human right to an opinion. When they listened to my thoughts on the Pandemic sitch, they were surprised, so it makes you wonder what people class as radical after all doesn't it ?
      This ever happen to you?

This has been a rant eh. Ooh I'm sorry. I love a rant and moan at the best of times, but this past year, oh boy its been something else!! I mean, I wholly hope that restrictions are lifted in June, as suggested, but I have my niggling suspicions that life will not look quite the same as 2019 for example. Is this making any sense? Hm, I hope so. Anyway, if anyone at all is feeling even a smidgen bit sceptical or has some thoughts that don't quite fit in with "the norm," look up the WTAF Podcast with Richard Willett & Gareth Icke, and Pandemic Podcast with Dan Astin-Gregory- both on Youtube. You'll feel less alone as they speak sense, and look up your local Stand in the Park...although, lets hope that by June, this will all be a distant dream !

Saturday 3 April 2021

Idle hands, busy mind!

Happy Easter! it's been a while; I haven't had much to report. I mean who has had, when STILL living in a pandemic existence! I have had a week off work but it's gone by soo quickly and I've been most unproductive. In fairness to me, there's not exactly anything eventful to do; it's like a never-ending loop of madness, ha. The restrictions in "Stalin Britain," as I so fondly like to term it now, slightly lifted on Monday...not that it makes a blind bit of difference, in terms of my thought processes over the whole situation.

Anyway, we had a *few* sunny days so I caught up on reading, went for a walk in the woods, booked well-needed appointments, spent time with some family and started some academic work (this took a while to muster motivation to be fair) Oh, I made an Easter cake too- Obvs. 

In all honesty, I felt drained af. My head has felt flooded, and I feel guilty for doing "not a lot." This angered me, losing my temper with others angry, hmph. I feel a tad unbalanced; my equilibrium is askew. I have so many things to do that I don't think my mind has known where to turn. Perhaps it has felt too busy that my body has kind've shut down, so I've certainly caught up on sleep! 
      Hmm, maybe sometimes we need a week like that. Ideally, I'd be on a beach relaxing, but these days, that's illegal- unless you wear a face mask. Go figure. I've felt sensitive to life in general, hence the busy mind likely. I fear we're heading in such a divisive and discriminatory direction, it's not pretty. (Anyone agree? Ah, I digress....)

I know that I'm going to give myself flack for not doing enough academic work, but hopefully I'll get there in the end. We always tend do, don't we? You think you'll never get to that finish line, but somehow, the Universe takes you there. I'm banking on it anyway. We are too hard on ourselves, when in reality, our body usually lets us know what it is we need in that moment. I have found this working from home ALLL the time tricky. Starting a new role, new work's operating system, new field of work in Nov and then jumping to solely helping myself from Jan has been no picnic. I went in the once but there was no-one else there soo, waste of petrol much!? Quitting on myself hasn't been an option, but having no office space at home, and never alone in the house has been frustrating as hell. 

What is lovely though, is that Spring/Ostara is here, hurrah! It's a great season; Aries season has arrived and growth and abundance is upon us...I'm clinging to this hugely. Aries is fiery energy and urges us to transform, be grateful for the blessings we have & be clear about what we wish to attract. Manifestation and setting intentions is ideal in Aries season and maybe down time enabled me to reevaluate my busy mind- Is it possible I've been more productive than I thought ??

A week ago, I drew the Hermit card which was an invitation to retreat and travel deep into the recesses of spirit and soul. I guess I need to trust the process & realise I needed quiet time. I suppose there is value in spending time in silence, in nature and in not engaging in constant external stimulation. Being mindful; yeah, maybe I needed that. Cognitive fatigue can creep up and at times, it's better to give in to the inner voice that says "Do it all right now" Sometimes we need courage to take a break.

I overthink on a daily basis. I reign it in when I put my mind to something as soon as I'm awake- and then somehow, I get through the day with less worry. 
      If this week has taught me anything, bad days or weeks will happen; some days will be great and some may be wretched. However, please know that if you can get out of bed daily, you're doing well!

2 eggs for 2 special guys!

Friday 1 January 2021

2020+1 Self-care

Hello, fellow humans! Happy new 2020+1 haha. (Yes, cause basically I think 2020 was a sneak preview..) What do you guys think ? Should I be more optimistic or am I on the money?! I'm a realist, what can I say...

Really though, Happy NY! I honestly hope that 2021 brings with it happiness, success and good health. I think it's needed, huh. On a global scale. We've had chaos, disaster, restrictions & I have no doubt that many of us feel stressed, confused or in need of a pick me up. For those who have suffered loss, I understand the tragedy of this, and I hope time helps to heal somewhat. 
       Perhaps you enjoyed the compact Christmas or was the lack of festive cheer something you missed. Lets face it, it's felt different for sure. Personally, it's been the 'build up' that I missed, no Christmas markets or carol singing with mulled wine at one of my favourite pubs. I've never been OTT with spending and so on, so that was normal (although, high streets are failing currently. V. sad) Tree and house decorated; again, normal traditions. London usually has their annual fireworks display but alas, it was cancelled. For any reader of mine, NYE is nothing too fancy for me: See New years day banter I do however like New Year's Day- which is what I will focus on here for you!

So now the gloom is out the way. Ha. (sorry, my water energy likes to kick in!) You may already be jumping to conclusions, myself included but lets put aside uncertainty and look back at what has gone right for you- What achievements have had, no matter how large or small? 
Before you let this new year fog up your vision, give your emotional state some extra care & attention. January has always been a tad blue-sy, with its dark mornings etc, so lets see if we can celebrate with gusto eh! 2021 is all about Aquarian energy..Divination, authenticity, creation, philanthropy. All we need to focus on this year is being great versions of ourselves; do that self-care so to strengthen wellbeing, relationships/work. I'm talking: -
Trust intuition, your gut- sometimes it knows best
See beyond the narratives, push through the circus of life! 
Embrace fresh air& the beauty of natures- it revitalises energy
Prioritise self and set boundaries with those around. Ex. If you want to read a chapter of a book on a Sunday morning, make it your target! & perhaps stay offline then too..

For instance, my brother and I both got new jobs last year. Mine has been particularly difficult as due to the nature of lockdowns etc, a lot of colleagues were/are working from home, leaving me feeling like a lost lamb quite often! But I've persevered, seen it as a challenge and opportunity to train, learn on my own and think hard about what I want for this year, aside from continue with this new role: -
  • Aim to purchase a house or apartment
  • Continue to decrease eating meat- and dairy, as neither help my gut tolerance. Love me some cheese though.
  • Never settle for a man that I don't feel is worth my energy, no matter how potent the addiction!
  • Travel as much as I can (time, money permitting)
  • Be around like-minded people as much as poss.

These are not resolutions and I hope to expand on these but this past year has taught me that I need to find people I truly vibe with. This year I zoned in on intuition and what my core morals are, what I wish to fight for in life & who with- It's been thoroughly interesting.
What is your soul now desiring, maybe it is now different to what you originally thought? Hold those dreams close and aim to get them- Don't let a pandemic get in your way, please! 

I wanted this to be short and sweet. I’m spending the day spring cleaning so here above are my NY cupcakes. Until next time, I honestly wish a calm, courageous and fun year to you all :-)