Thursday, 9 October 2014

3 Month Itch vs. 3 Month Celebration??

Hi there folks- long time no see! So I want to treat this post as a bit of an epiphany speech, yeah, lets go with that one...

Not to blow my own trumpet (but who else will?) I've never had a form of rejection and probably didn't handle that too well so I did feel lousy, sad, confused, lost, angry, betrayed, hurt….and no I'm not looking for a violin but I want people to gain some comfort or understanding that it is ok to feel these emotions after a break-up, let yourself feel them; it's perfectly normal :-) Please just see it as that and nothing more :-D 

I believe that most women would say it takes half the time you were together with some someone to truly "get over that someone"… Now, if I were to compare that to myself, I'd be waiting a jolly long time to "get over that someone"!!! To quote Carrie Bradshaw, where does the love go? Usually into the arms of another, lets not sugar-coat that! Perhaps men, particularly, spot another woman and decide they fancy that instead !?

I would never be prepared for that so I took the realistic option in order to move on to pastures new. I figured if a person meant anything to you, those feelings don't just go away or disperse. Personally, I don't understand people who move on really quickly, I've seen it happen so often; it's like being single sounds too lonely or something so chop chop, must find someone ASAP! Sure, if you're cold hearted or truly just faked/lied the love or lost it instantly, then way to go; you're free to move on to the next vict…I'm sorry, love of your life :-P 
             But not everyone feels like that and I certainly didn't. So, I thought to myself, no, I had love for the boyfriend which once was so if I want to wallow in self pity for a while I bloody well will! Might not be the best of choices but it was my way of coping. I didn't wish to move straight on to someone else but I did start dating- sadly to no avail & no-one ideal has come along [YET], it's like finding a needle in a haystack haha, but I feel like being on my own and learning to not have a man there beside me at the mo, has helped restore some identity and try some self-improvement- It has not deterred me from finding love again, sure I can be honest and say I thought I was done but it appeared that I clearly had more bad points to my personality to this person, than good, and I'm not cool with that. A guy I've been seeing actually nicely pointed out that if someone is negatively looking at the things that you do not do or have, rather than the positive- then they aren't worth your time. No-one is perfect guys, we all have faults but we should work through them with a significant other not just look at the bad times!!

Hello Short Hair!!

I have heightened emotions anyway due to having my brain surgery and due to not being given a mature explanation/apology I felt like my world was not justified; like my future was ripped away from me! Now…I was quite low for a couple of weeks, but I had to start a new job so I knew that I had to pick myself up. I'm pretty good at gaining strength from unknown places..and this is what happened: - 
  • I lost a stone in weight. I lost 4lbs in 2weeks: Not the greatest advertisement (and I don't recommend it) but a broken heart spurred me to carry on. I started eating healthier food, exercising; now I just need to maintain it and tone my body up!
  • Instead of wondering what I did wrong, I looked at myself and thought "Their loss" I have differences and quirks that make me, me. Facing adversity should have taught me that already :) Cheesy but be in love with yourself, don't go getting yourself depressed, withdrawn…build yourself up, buy new outfits! 
  • I got new haircuts and dyed it back to my single girl dark locks. Perfecto!
  • I threw myself into my job- this was tricky. It was quite draining having to put a bit of a facade on in order to do the job justice but I'm doing alright and it's a fun job 
  • I accepted dates by men who previously weren't overly interested in me..pure ego boost yeah, lets be honest there. Good to know us ladies can be missed by men!
  • I took time to think of my own future plans, I often see a relationship I'm in as an "us" so the "I" is now well and truly back: Studying/voluntary work, potential business ventures, personal development courses such as sign language, take a final plunge into sports that my illness stunted me from doing, much more cooking, brain tumour ambassador work…It's thrilling to have just ME to think about!
  • I spent more time with friends and actively listened to their opinions and advice. I love the friends I have. Not to mention my godsend of a family :-) Be sure to let them know what you need; a film night, indulge in shopping, go out for will revive your spirit. Try not to dwell on painful memories; then raise your standards with new lovers & accept that your ex will move on- they're not replacing you, they probably just emotionally broke off from the relationship before it ended and fell in love with someone else (harsh but true) 
  • I understood that this was obviously not the person for me, as much as I wanted them to me, they weren't good enough..they didn't love me enough…End of!

If anyone has any other advice to offer up for others or thoughts on the post, comment away :-)

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Life thus Far: an overview

Well, it is August and two months since my last post. Unfortunately, this current post does not find me in the happiest of mindsets. July has been a horrific month for varying reasons: -  

My Mr KB can now be known as "the boyfriend which once was"- and I don't think of that fondly at all. (I just don't particularly wish to call him an ex). In June, we hit a rocky patch, which I stupidly thought was sorted, despite my better judgement. It took a weekend of closed off coldness and distance from him, plus a dodgy text whereby I had to decipher and decode what it was he was trying to say, before I realised that I may as well become single. Fabulous!!!                                                             
         To be honest, I did not realise I was in a relationship with the lion from the Wizard of Oz haha; As much courage as a fly..or my cat- Now she is a full blown scaredy cat! So all those memories I made within the year and a half seem a bit pointless now. I'd rather erase them and start from scratch with someone new…life is cruel and impossibly heart wrenching at times. 

It was my friend Fénian's anniversary of his death the same week the same week the above happened and we parted ways. A week after that it also would have Fénian's  27th birthday. Wow, life, you certainly know how to shower a girl with kindness :-/ 

I also began a new job role. Which selfishly I needed a boyfriend for. I'm a strong woman but I also have no qualms in stating that I need certain people in my life to "pick me up", to make me feel better and to guide me. Mr KB was one of those things, I always saw him as my best friend, my future, a soul mate if you will. Funny how those terms of endearment can turn quickly into "You Great Big Twat!" 

My family then had to endure the fact the my father has just been diagnosed with Cancer. Oh yeah. Life is fun. 

When I look back at my previous posts, when I was single or when I first started dating the boyfriend which once was, I shudder and wonder whether I was right all along, that perhaps relationships and me work on paper but result in barriers Life Thus Far: an overview Are the Gods trying to tell me something!? All I know is this…I made a conscious decision last year that I was sick of being single, tired of casual flings and was looking for "The One". Clearly my relationship was built on lies. I'm not going to go into details but faults were on both sides, but the fact of the matter is that I accepted mine. Perhaps that is a sign of maturity. When I speak to my grandmother, she is from an Era where people fought for marriages to work, people didn't give up easily, they dedicated their life to someone and loved them. They worked out what was wrong and found solutions to their problems. 

Now, I know this isn't a very optimistic post but I won't leave it on a negative notion. This past month has been a roller coaster of events and emotions. My life has never been smooth sailing and it persists in continuing to be full of ups and downs. I've had to a put a facade on every day to be honest…going to work in the week and spending weekends in self pity.. ranting to family and friends about my loathing of the boyfriend which once was. What I can honestly glean now is that I loved my boyfriend more than he did me. I was willing to make things work despite any difficulties that might arise in the future. It seems I could never compete with the allure of gadgets, bachelorism or hobbies :-/ (Not that I'd want to take that away from a bloke)
         I've been picking myself up and get back on the horse, have a little bit of fun. I can't spend time feeling hurt anymore- he isn't, in fact he has been so calculating, cruel and cold that he is probably relieved, loving life & not caring about little ole me! If someone wants you in their life, they make it happen. I do deserve more than a little boy who feels dedicating his life to just a career is more important than including a partner in that as well and exclaiming that I would even compromise said career. Cheers! Personally, I think that is pretty bizarre. As I previously noted, I have faults. I didn't wholly support the little boy's career choice from day Uno but most women would completley echo my reasons why. It is hard for me to have had no goodbye, to have been shunned and not spoken to in any friendly way, when I put so many eggs into my basket and developed such a strong bond with a man- I realise now he just fell out of love!!
          In some ways I'm glad to know I haven't evolved past having feelings, having morals, decency, politeness and kindness! I think I could have more respect for someone if they were actually brave enough to be a friend but it's time to look forward and hope that I can feel contentment & an emotional/physical bond with someone new, I'm done with being toyed with like a dog, where maintaining contact doesn't seem likely from their point of view :-/ Right now, yeah I'd probably love to have my old life back but I don't foresee it soo…..See you later Mr wolf in sheep's clothing!

Perfect Mantra's!!!

Any advice/thoughts on this matter, send them my way! Ever been in a situation where you honestly feel someone has made a big mistake?

Monday, 19 May 2014

Inner Desires of the Heart

I need to take the opportunity every one, to give my apologies for being away for such a long time!! I may as well admit to blogging failure but not defeat, I'm just one huge procrastinator! 

I shall do a follow up post to detail new happenings and adventures with Mr KB as in fairness, an amount of changes occurred in the last 7 months. Changes that include ups and downs:: My beautiful family cat sadly passed away to kitty heaven, I celebrated my 26th birthday, started a job/changed the job and built up a mass of memories with Mr KB :-)

Recently, I have been thinking about desires and how, as humans, we all have wants and needs. Perhaps some of us openly have more than others (?) As a norm, I'm pretty open and direct about things I would like, necessities I need or desires I crave. However, I can closet these away depending on the company.. rather alike to switching your true personality on or off when it suits! 

Take me, I'm a worry wart to the core; my own worst enemy who can have little faith in oneself! I know what my inner desires are and to be honest, I daren't imagine what kind of lunatic mess I will be in when I finish preparing for those wants and needs. My other half says I'm like a hamster, constantly running around on the wheel; but in my head (yeah, he confuses me too!) I can't help it though, my head still feels like it's playing "catch up" due to my previous illness :-/ Mmm I guess I am just one of those "happy, but.." girls. The ones who say "oh I have so much to do but it can wait until tomorrow". I change my mind like the wind, never entirely sure on the correct option- Not that great in my line of work!

However, wait… Is there a correct option?! Our hearts can get so conflicted with our heads that I often think we lose sight of what's what. We've all heard of the quarter-life crisis. Mine's still lingering, the other half's is in full flow! I fully believe that generations have either evolved to become more stressed or I must just thrive on it haha. Getting our inner desires is hard. Life is expensive. Getting on the property ladder is tough and student debt follows graduates like a bad smell. It is a rat race we've become accustomed to and sometimes I wonder where the meaning is, the solitude, the lack of pressure. 
           For me, it's likely I have unrealistic expectations of what to achieve by the age of 30 but for anyone who understands my nature, I love a good old time frame…Eureka! Spontaneity, there's nothing quite like it, unless of course you have no time or ££ for it- then that's when you hit your crisis. Life has bitten you with realism. Which sucks. You know though, I don't want that much; a nice house, career, children, husband, car. It's the process that's tricky! 

There's no wonder teen girls look at young, rich celebs and find themselves wrapped up in the media's web of lies! I mean, we can't all have a gigantic bank account or live off the bank of Mum and Dad. I do find the whole vast amount of money that is thrown around quite extravagant and over can start to piece together why some teenagers are becoming self indulgent and materialistic :-( 

Why Can I Not Turn Back Time!?!

So surely then, if we gain a new perspective on ourselves, we will feel content. Life is what you make of it after all :-) Our deepest desires certainly don't have to cost fortunes of money, if anything. It's important to realise that what we want doesn't always come to us, yet things we've wished for, for years can happen in an instant, when least expected. Learning to live with what we have and been given can be difficult but also necessary. Perhaps what every 20-something woman needs to discover is that: -

1)  Money cannot buy happiness, love, status or success
2)  Budgeting and managing finances is a sure way to reach a goal This is hard, very hard but doable, I scrimp and save in the hope that I'll get my dream house in a few years. In the meantime, I'll settle for a property that will see me through a rough, saving patch
3)  Forming strong relationships/friendships is key to a healthy lifestyle
4)  There must be room for fun and adventure It needs be done for one's sanity. A walk somewhere new, a slightly expensive purchase, a meal out, a weekend away...just budget it in ;-) 
5)  Now you're all grown up, gain body confidence Accept the flaws and assets but if you are still not content, change it. Exercise healthily in order to get your dream bod! [I must follow my own advice here]

So hopefully, we can all sit back and relax a bit more, quit the worrying and we'll be on track to fulfilment - AND BE MORE DOG! 

What advice would you give to another 20-something? Is there anything you regret not doing or would change?