Monday, 20 May 2013

Panic stations at the ready!

So fellow bloggers, it has been an age. I have finished my degree, hurrah!! I have completely subsumed myself in work this year; be it: placement full time, assignments, portfolio and dissertation. It's not been much fun and there are still hoops to jump so to become absolutely qualified as a Social Worker. I am ecstatic it is done but I cannot shake off the feeling of being in limbo and final grades worry me. I don't know where to turn... I am in need of quick cash but jobs are few and far between. I guess I need to relax for a while :-)

Since February, I have been dating this amazing person (Mr KB, for now). I say this all loosely, as you may have read my exploits in my post Single Mundanities? but I do not wish to jinx this one. I like him far too much! Anyway, he has enabled me to have a few distractions from my academic work and instead of joining in on the "drinking escapades" that known peers have endured, I spent my time having dates with said person. Very lovely dates. 

During the last bank holiday, he flew me (yes, flew) to the seaside. Excited is an understatement, it's so much fun!!

That's it on this expedition. I feel I need to keep my mouth shut as men and me... work on paper but there's always a shed load of barriers in the way. I have many plans for my own future and I must get a move on, five years of my 20's left...oh lordy!! For the imminent future, I plan to immerse myself in challenges and this here blog :-)

What adventures have you had recently/or would like to experience?