Thursday, 27 December 2012

Joy of Christmas!

Hello! I do hope this finds everyone well, and a fabulous Christmas has been had. I do love this time of year.. cold weather aside (that ruins your hair). However, I feel that visits us far too quickly these days. With the hustle and bustle of life, I think it just creeps up. It also leaves very quickly. I popped into town this afternoon for some appointments. What I didn't expect was the vultures of sales shoppers!! When I was a young girl, Christmas extended for days after the 25th, what's happened??

What has been lovely, is the mini break I've had from work, and time with all my family and friends :) As I grow older, I crave for things money cannot buy. However, I cannot wait for a holiday next year, a house to call my own, and perhaps a tattoo or two to go with my tragus piercing! Ahh dreams..

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Oh christmas tree!

Wow, so I feel like I need to get a wriggle on with my blog commitments! I've been busy busy let me tell you! I began my final social work placement in October (hurrah). So along with a 5 day week, I have an absolute mountain of academic work to do. In fact, I took a study day on Thursday, and put Christmas decorations up. Did I feel guilty? yes. Regret it? nah.

I think you need time off to recharge. Although, a month would be better. Preferably in Barbados!! May cannot come quick enough. I don't like to wish away months but this work is killing me :-( I celebrated my 25th Birthday end of November. I never expect gifts off family or friends, I'm not very OTT with birthdays, but I felt quite spoilt this year!

Sunday, 4 November 2012

A touch of Elegance..

Breakfast at Tiffany's. An affair to remember. Casablanca. Brief Encounter. 

Timeless classics, and a perfect way to spend a Sunday! I am a sucker for all movies, but there is something beautiful about classical Hollywood cinema. The stars are glamourous and there is always an air of elegance and simplicity that the stars of today lack. From a young age, I was always fascinated by cinema. I loved flicking through my mum's huge book of old Hollywood stars. The music, clothes and historical settings are always fantastic.

Actors and actresses alike were beautiful too.. Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Gregory Peck, Cary Grant, Gene Kelly..

Breakfast at Tiffany's is a favourite of mine. It may be verging on New Hollywood but in my eyes, it still has the style and subtle innuendo that I love. 

I literally can't wait to snuggle up with a duvet and watch film after film, with a hot chocolate in hand. Chance will be a fine thing though haha!

Anyone agree? Has anyone got a favourite old Hollywood star or movie?? :-)

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Scent Sensations

I have always considered the scent of a woman to be quite important, however, that's not to say I always wear perfume! I don't have a signature scent..I have many. Call me greedy, but I just have them lined up on my dressing table so I can pick and choose. Depending on my mood, I have day and evening scents, that are reasonable prices too!!

Versace Red Jeans: £11.95
Diesel Plus Plus Feminine: £9.95
Soap and Glory Mist you Madly: £3.50 (travel size) All found in Boots

I love florals for daywear so these three fit the bill. I first experienced Versace when I was 13, and still love it! Soap & Glory is brilliant, so long lasting and also adds a flirty edge which can bring you into nightwear :)

For evening, I have a tendency to like very aromatic scents. Marks and Spencer do a great perfume range if you don't fancy splashing out. I recommend "True Red" which I believe is £12.00. 

Two of my favourite, rather expensive, perfumes are Diesel Loverdose and Givenchy Absolutely Irresistible. Both are £30+, however, they are seductive and sensual..well worth the price!

What perfumes would you recommend, I'd love to hear :)

Saturday, 29 September 2012

A Down Day

Blogging- it's a tough old ride. I hope I have acquired some readers.. fingers crossed!! I have a lot on my plate at the moment, so I do apologise for the lack of communication. 

University is now back in my life. I have a huge hurdle to cross in these next nine months, and it scares me immensely! To echo a previous blog, I have various moods at the moment. Today, I have been a tad low. This is for three reasons: a) I have a horrid cold, b) A sprained foot and c) Procrastination

The latter is a source of anger. My work is in need of constant attention, yet, I find myself feeling very unmotivated. It is a habit that makes me feel down and frustrated. I don't believe it is laziness, but a sheer fear of setting myself up for failure. It's an unwanted habit, as I'm sure many of you can relate to?? It makes you feel ill. 

For this reason, I have given myself a day of rest in my pyjamas, in the hope of drawing myself out of the rut. I have also been listening to Jessie J to cheer myself up: -

Does this sound familiar to you, and what do you do to cheer yourselves up? Tips please!
x L x

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Autumnal Wants & Needs!

I did a bit of window shopping today and Marks and Spencer seems to keep catching my eye. I tend to shop here for shoes, underwear, home-ware or jewellery, not clothing. However, the Limited Collection is lovely at the moment.. really sixties, eighties and preppy items. I particularly love the riding boots. I've been after some for some time, and these fit the bill with a decent price. 

Are you a fan of M&S?? The only downfall for me are the sizes, as I am a tiny 5' 1" !

Limited Collection Pure Cotton Cable Knit Cardigan: £35.00
Limited Collection Buckle Riding Knee High Boots: £45.00
Limited Collection Geometric Print Dress: £39.50

Saturday, 1 September 2012

The element of choice

I came across this image a few days ago and it got it me thinking about the choices we all make in life and how optimistic I have been about my own choices so far.

So as the wheels turn, I am wondering about the philosophy of mind. I have alright common sense and judgement in practical matters, and so I should, as a hopeful social worker! 

I'm pretty logical with others, offering clear reasoning, but with matters of my own, I have a tendency to be irrational and realistic about what I can achieve. I think we can choose to have those negative thoughts and moods sometimes as that is just the realist in us. 

Over the last few years, everything has been a game of catch up- idealising how I can change things to suit me and imagining perfection... so a bit of daydreamer yes but why not!! We can choose to have dreams, get them and deserve them. We all have them don't we, but perhaps some of us forget them and get bogged down with work or looking after others?

Well, it seems I just can't make up my mind, but I am definitely choosing to listen to my inner voice :) However, I want my little optimist to resurface in full force, glowing with positivity for years to come!

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Single Mundanities?

Dinner for one you say? I'll gladly take that thanks, pity is not needed here!

It has occurred to me in the past year that I have had a disjointed relationship status for three years! I have been living the single life, whilst also "between relationships, that aren't quite real". Confused? So am I. 

I can't complain about my life, I have great friends; male and female. I'm very close to my family, and I date on a regular basis I'd say. However, I'm at an awkward age whereby I'm seeing many people settle down with a significant other. It looks idyllic.. but is it? I'm one of those girls who wants something, gets it and then wants something else. Single life is fab, you can call upon the men who are "like boyfriends", have fun with your friends and compromise nothing. My life is also manic, so I can't spare a lot of time!! I love it, but I'm no commitment-phobe, I miss the stability of a long term partner. 

Totting up my recent records, I attract some odd ones. First I settled for an old friend.. we dallied about for around 7 months. Met Mr Vain, then Mr Nice Guy/turned Love Rat, along with (uh-oh!) Mr Commitment-phobe. I jumped back on the Mr Nice Guy/turned Love Rat bandwagon again (fool) and most recently, met a rather lovely man by chance which is too complicated to explain why it went wrong!

Does Prince Charming actually exist or am I stuck with toads? Share your wisdom guys, do you have any love stories to tell?? Good and bad ...

(My post has made me feel hungry. I guess I'll either cook that meal for one then or perhaps a fancy restaurant date is in order; yes, us singles can have fun too!)

EDIT: I am now wondering whether I am falling into a serial dater trap. I do hope not but I fear that I am. I met Mr Posh Boy recently. The intriguing, slightly obnoxious type with a "haughty" accent. This is the second time this has happened. They're funny ones that's for sure! I will keep you updated on this one you lovely people who I hope are reading! All I want is some darn commitment!!

Saturday, 25 August 2012

First Introductions

Hello, and welcome to my blog. I'm using my first blog as an intro to my life and I! To pinpoint the blog, expect me to write about life and everything in-between.. this is the aim

I'm Lucy, 24 25! years old from the lovely UK. Also a student social worker... for a while I have been looking for a source of a creative, cathartic outlet, and I am hoping this is it. My inspiration comes from a recent Cosmopolitan article about women living with scars and burns. I found the article heart warming and applauded their courage. It took me back to eight years ago when I was diagnosed with a benign brain tumour. I looked at my life and thought, "I've done well, I want other women to feel like this too". I'm all clear now but the bitter aftertaste still lingers at times. Here are my scars:

Shunt insertion from my brain to stomach to drain cerebral fluid
This scar was operated on twice as my tumour decided to re-grow!!
Tumour was located in my left cerebellum

So, that's me. Hope this wasn't too lengthy, feel free to ask questions!! My illness span a couple of years of recovery so if anyone would like to hear what occurred, let me know and I shall write a post. Have you had a life threatening illness or trauma in life you'd like to share? 

I hope you enjoy reading my blog whilst I enjoy writing and getting to know you all (bear with me while I update the aesthetics and get a professional template!)

Luce x.