Sunday, 26 August 2012

Single Mundanities?

Dinner for one you say? I'll gladly take that thanks, pity is not needed here!

It has occurred to me in the past year that I have had a disjointed relationship status for three years! I have been living the single life, whilst also "between relationships, that aren't quite real". Confused? So am I. 

I can't complain about my life, I have great friends; male and female. I'm very close to my family, and I date on a regular basis I'd say. However, I'm at an awkward age whereby I'm seeing many people settle down with a significant other. It looks idyllic.. but is it? I'm one of those girls who wants something, gets it and then wants something else. Single life is fab, you can call upon the men who are "like boyfriends", have fun with your friends and compromise nothing. My life is also manic, so I can't spare a lot of time!! I love it, but I'm no commitment-phobe, I miss the stability of a long term partner. 

Totting up my recent records, I attract some odd ones. First I settled for an old friend.. we dallied about for around 7 months. Met Mr Vain, then Mr Nice Guy/turned Love Rat, along with (uh-oh!) Mr Commitment-phobe. I jumped back on the Mr Nice Guy/turned Love Rat bandwagon again (fool) and most recently, met a rather lovely man by chance which is too complicated to explain why it went wrong!

Does Prince Charming actually exist or am I stuck with toads? Share your wisdom guys, do you have any love stories to tell?? Good and bad ...

(My post has made me feel hungry. I guess I'll either cook that meal for one then or perhaps a fancy restaurant date is in order; yes, us singles can have fun too!)

EDIT: I am now wondering whether I am falling into a serial dater trap. I do hope not but I fear that I am. I met Mr Posh Boy recently. The intriguing, slightly obnoxious type with a "haughty" accent. This is the second time this has happened. They're funny ones that's for sure! I will keep you updated on this one you lovely people who I hope are reading! All I want is some darn commitment!!

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