Monday, 1 July 2013

A question of Faith

I refer to myself as agnostic. Whereby, I am not sure I believe there is a God among us or not. If anything, I believe in spirituality; that there is a spiritual "force above" that guides our life's true destiny. To me, this is entirely separate to religion. In which, in reference to Christianity, I disagree with some concepts..going into no detail so to not offend, I hasten to add.      

This all being said, I was christened as a baby. My grandmother is fairly religious- more so in  her latter years so we are C of E children. However, my parents and intermediate family do not attend Church often, I must admit. This brings me to a question my father asked me in regards to why people have church weddings and christenings if they are not religious. It is a very fair point, but here are my two cents...

My thoughts on religion aside, I have always dreamt of a church wedding and insist on my (hopeful) future children to be christened. Personally, a ceremony in a church is meaningful and beautiful. Of course, I find a church to be atmospheric and the architecture  fantastic, but saying my vows before 'God' and a priest binds it for me. It's tradition and epitomises faith and promise to a person, whereby you can showcase your commitment in the most beautiful of ways. 

Sure, I don't classify myself as a Christian but a civil ceremony in a stately home or suchlike wouldn't feel right. Is this hypocrisy, to wish to marry in a place of worship? As for christenings, I share the same sentiment. It's a symbol of cleansing, protection of sin and announcing your precious gift. There may be many people that completely disagree with my opinions but the way I see it is, C of E accepts and welcomes people regardless of how religious they, so long as their reasons are understandable. The Church is supposedly non discriminatory and full of forgiveness, right?! 

This a deep subject and it also got me to wondering about faith and what will answer all those ontological questions that whirl through my mind. A bit off topic but Buddhism and Judaism have always interested me, looking at the nature of life, spirituality and culture.   

For instance, meditation and mindful awareness can only be positive practices to reduce stress and anxiety. Kabbalah is an interesting concept that is open to opinion, being it became popular with celebrities. Much research needed here as it is a bit cult-ish! In modern terms, it is the study of how to receive fulfilment in life; first stop, my little blog :-)