Sunday, 20 January 2013

The winter blues.

A Happy New Year to you all. Hope everyone saw in 2013 in style! I had a lovely time, spent with all my loved ones..but yes, you've got it! I have the winter blues (booo!) I'm feeling a little run down. Second time in about a month. I blame work- as always :-) It's snowing here in little England at the moment. My garden is looking very lovely I must say! 

What I am in need of is a complete detox..Flush any nasty toxins out, that should make me feel better right?! What I really want though are these....


And then, to make me all better I shall buy these beauties...


Then finally I'll paint my nails and perhaps treat myself to a spray tan; I'm looking pale!! 

Love this shade

Enjoy your Sunday fellow bloggers and have a lovely day :-) Let me know of any tricks to ward off the gloomy blues!

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