Friday, 1 February 2013

Stereotypes and Prejudices

There have been some times throughout my social work degree where I think, "Wow, I have learnt something".. which pleases me, since I do not wish to think I have wasted three years!! I mean, I have chosen to go into this profession. I hope to actually find a great job in said career and do well at it. Not desert the degree. 

A few days ago, some opinions were spouted by a couple of people during common discussion. I have to say that it really hit home about how much I have been learning and how I have grown professionally. I went on a 'Safeguarding Children' course yesterday that further cemented this for me. 

These particular people were discussing an 'oppressive and grim society' where young people start fights in towns in the afternoon and how classes have emerged in to one 'working-class' society. 
- if an adult with degree cannot get a job AT ALL how can a young person with no qualifications be expected to venture into employment. Especially with an economy that is as bleak as it is now in the UK? 

So here's the thing, I'm from a fairly middle-class background. I probably share societal views/norms that coincide but as I approach qualified social work status, I keep my personal opinions and professional values/judgements, separate.  However, I got to thinking about the social classes. Yes, there is perhaps no clear cut balance but middle-class snobbery is surely what breeds contempt? I cannot say I condone people who mindlessly take drugs, alcohol or begin fights in broad daylight! I mean, I was brought up in a town outside  of Birmingham where our house was regularly burgled into and drugs were found outside the back of house...Of course I didn't like that!!
      However, you cannot judge a person simply on looks, their aspirations or what they do with their days. Some people have experiences and issues that most fortunate people can't comprehend or visualise. Young people have been brought up in a society that is full of different cultures and values. They may be brought up in families that your own would 'look down upon'. Is it right to hold your head so high just because you have a better job, education, status or different taste in tv show?? Don't demonise or assert superiority over a young person who has not reaped the same benefits in life you may have.

You must be careful saying such strong opinions, people do fight back. Blame anyone, blame the Government. Everyone is different. For instance, I rarely eat McDonalds but that's simply because it's full of saturated fats..

This is just my two cents and I hope my honesty is appreciated!! Debates are welcome on this little blog :-) 


  1. You said it Everyone is Different!

    1. Certainly agree.. it's what makes the world go around :-)